Top 3 Tips To Help Sell Your Home

By: Kyle Dawson

Top 3 Tips To Help Sell Your Home

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Thinking about selling your home in today's Ottawa market?  Not a bad idea with the current interest rates and lower than usual inventory.  

It is still quite a fluid market right now in the Ottawa area and sales continue to move forward. With moving companies, lawyers, banks/mortgage brokers available and still hard at work to help make the event seamless, perhaps consider some of these options to help with the process.
Successful home sales in our current global environment may include the 3P approach.


Consider that there is low inventory and the market is very competitive. Selling with a professional sales agent will help you find that perfect dollar value.


Try to keep your eye on the prize! Stay calm and be patient whether you are selling or buying.  Stay positive throughout the process and look to gain knowledge after each showing as you get closer to your goal.


Right now is a great opportunity to perfect your home's overall appearance, cleanliness and curb appeal.   Look to your agent to address recent home sales are good comparisons to your home and evaluate based on valuable comparables.