Virtual Home Buying Program

Looking at making a purchase?  We have great options if you want to minimize in-person showings taking advantage of the lastest real estate technology to sell quickly and for top dollar. Our virtual buying program makes it easy. 




Video Consult

Using video we will meet 'face-to-face' to discuss the process, your needs in a new home, current market and create a personalized buyers strategy as well as what options will be the best fit for you. 


Virtual Showings

Using the latest technology we will walk you through homes of your choosing using Facetime, Zoom or another video calling service. We will allow you to control the showing and will provide you insight into the pros and cons of the property. 

Finding Homes

We will work with you to curate your very own home search. This will instantly send you information about the specific homes that match your search criteria. We will also work to find off market homes that are suitable to your needs. 


Sign all offer documents digitally from the comfort of your own home using your phone, desktop or tablet. We will negotiate remotely and review offers with you over video to ensure you fully understand the contract and your obligations. 


Deposits can be made remotely by a variety of ways. We will work with brokerages to ensure that deposits are made by e-transer, wire transfer or direct payment. Should we need to provide a physical deposit, your agent can arrange for pickup and dropoff using secure drop locations. 


We will supply you with a list of inspectors who are able to preform inspections using proper social distancing protocol. Our preferred inspector partners all provide a detailed electronic report of the home which will be reviewed with you over a video call with both your agent and inspector. 


Our lawyers have adapted their systems to ensure closings can continue without glitches. Closings will occur remotely and following proper social distancing procedures. Even with a non-contract key exchange.


Movers are still considered an essential service, which means the majority of companies are still operating. Whether you choose to hire movers or DIY we can provide you recommendations on trusted business resource

Prefer to do some - or all - of these steps in-person?

No problem! Our virtual selling guide is completely customiable to fit your needs. Let's chat about what works best for you.

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